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Ninety-One Year's Ago...  the school directors of Green Township in Indiana County hired Donald Patterson to be supervising principal  they could not have foreseen that this energetic schoolman would establish a simple school fair which would grow into the Green Township Community Fair, Cookport, PA and during the next 91 years become one of the outstanding fairs in Western Pennsylvania.

A myriad of events are being planned for the 91st Fair. You can be sure that this 2008 Fair will be something very special. See our schedule page for details.



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About Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are local individuals and businesses who wish to support our local fair and community. You will find links to all our current sponsors on this page and many other pages throughout this website. There are many levels of sponsorship. To find out more about how to become a sponsor and all it's benefits, click here.

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How Do I Become A Sponsor

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